Us (2019)

Jordan Peele’s follow up to the much acclaimed  Get Out (2017)  is a bigger budget and more expansive affair which may leave audiences with more questions than answers.

This time tackling the myth of the Doppelganger and offering further evidence of the creator’s love and knowledge of the horror genre, Peele’s liminal beings are an entirely new breed of screen menace.

The setup – a well-to-do family on vacation are terrorised by identical versions of themselves – is just the beginning of the story but moreover doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the parable beneath.

Us  is high-concept horror and is perhaps as much concerned with symbolism as with suspense.  The horror within the film is more derived from horrific ideas than jump scares or many other horror staples.  This is not to say the film is without gore though the recurring threat of weaponised scissors wielded by “The Teathered” is illustrative of its devious subversion of the genre.

Perhaps for all of the above reasons,  Us  will not be for everyone.  Hardcore genre fans may find the thrills a little tame while some arthouse fans may not endure the violence.  For some, however, Jordan Peele’s cerebral slasher will hit just the right spot.

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