Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Rapper / Producer Boots Riley’s directorial debut is evidence of a singular vision, years in the making which is completely unique in style.  Ostensibly a Comedy about the moral dangers of greed, Sorry To Bother You  sets out its stall early as a kind of dream-like hyper-reality which becomes increasingly twisted.   “From the sublime to the ridiculous” may be a well-worn cliché these days but has never been more appropriate. 

LaKeith Stanfield (Get Out) takes a telemarketing job out of financial necessity and, discovering his “voice”, climbs the corporate ladder and in turn discovers some disturbing truths.  

It is perhaps a testament to the Cast that the on-again off-again romantic plot line involving Stanfield and Thompson is the least believable aspect of a film in which voluntary slavery is no longer oxymoronic.  Tessa Thompson does her best with the little she has to work with and Armie Hammer is perfectly cast as the antagonistic coke-fuelled captain of industry.

Sorry To Bother You is not a perfect film by any stretch.  Yet while its oddness may lose some viewers, it is genuinely funny and utterly different.  Why not see something you’ve never seen before.


  1. I appreciate this film’s release, 2018, alongside another film concerning racism, ‘Black klansman.’ The latter was heaped with praise, despite the conventional manner in which it was made and its shocking revelations: the KKK is evil, how widespread racism was in the USA 50 years ago. Meanwhile, ‘Sorry to bother you’ has so much to say about the current world and its delivery was refreshingly original, yet passed over for ‘Black klansman.’

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