Money Monster (2016)

Money Monster has an interesting premise.  The arrogant, show-off Anchor of a popular Financial TV show is taken hostage live on air by a viewer who followed the advice of the show to a ruinous end. Initially it seems there’s a chance to see something different here.  Chiefly, Clooney playing an unlikeable character.  Very soon however, the promise of the premise fades. 

The movie seems to want to be many different things and comes up short on all of them.  The main problem is that everything about the film is convenient.  It doesn’t work as a Thriller as the various moments of real tension quickly evaporate through our realisation that characters will have a change of heart for the good or that the show’s crew can access any people or technologies they need, just in time. 

The ending of Money Monster is ‘broadcast’ right from the off and none of the  pay-offs are truly earned.  The central characters don’t develop as much as turn on a dime and by the end, what we’re left with is a mundane vehicle for Clooney completists.

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  1. I watched this with the intent of it being “something to watch while I play on my phone” Yes its alot of things but I enjoyed it.


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