Rampage (2018)

The creators of Rampage (the film) should be ashamed of themselves!  As everyone knows in the original game the monsters were originally humans who were turned into a giant gorilla, lizard and wolf by a vitamin, a radioactive lake and a food additive respectively.   However in the 2018 film, we’re supposed to just except that they were animals to begin with until pesky science went too far. Not to mention the fact that Lizzie the lizard has been substituted for an alligator and Ralph can fly now!

To add insult to injury, the whole first act of this utter charade is focussed on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s special bond with his gorilla pal.  Now he may have been around a while but I honestly don’t remember Mr Johnson being anywhere near the original (game).  

Is it just me or does anyone else long for the days when it was just about smashing buildings!? Speaking of which, why are there so manybuildings!?  The original had about 6 buildings per city which were either green or grey and now Hollywood gets it’s grubby hands on the license and we have a whole city with a whole colour palette!  Not to mention the fact that the whole thing now seems to exist in three dimensional space…

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