Glass (2019)

What happens when a criminal mastermind, an indestructible hero and a man with 24 distinct personalities are captured and locked in a facility together?  What happens when the director who gave us ‘The Sixth Sense’ is on the verge of his own cinematic universe?

The answer to both is very little.  Glassis largely a talkfest of ‘on the nose’ dialogue which effectively comes to serve as blunt narration of how comicbooks work.  It’s patronising.  In the end, Samuel L Jackson could just as well be auditioning to be the next Morgan Freeman.

M. Night Shyamalan is striving to subvert the superhero genre which is a feat he managed with Unbreakable.  Yet with Glassas with Split, the only redeeming spectacle is James McAvoy’s turn as ‘The Horde’.  M. Night has once again proven that while he may not be the master of subverting expectations, he is certainly a master of lowering them.

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