Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

With Velvet Buzzsaw, Dan Gilroy succeeds in simultaneously subverting melodrama and slasher film as devious and deluded characters are slowly consumed by the art around which their world revolves.

While installations, paintings and ghastly portraits pervade both scene and story, Gilroy’s double helix of character arcs, drawn from a clique for whom Art is a business, provides a satisfying juxtaposition.  While caricatures to begin with, farce turns to melodrama as hubris turns to hamartia as characters evolve and interweave.  Here is the comedy and the tragedy.

Walking always a fine line between the profane and the profound, elements of horror lurk in almost every frame.  Gilroy shows he is as well versed in Horror as he is in Greek Tragedy.  

Long before the end of this film, you’ll know you need to watch it again.  It will be studied in film schools for years to come. A modern day masterpiece.

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